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Dr. Christian G. Sorger

Founder & Managing Director
Christian Sorger is founder and managing director at CGS-Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and has been working as a scientist, software developer, software architect and software product manager on various software projects since 2004.

Within his PhD studies in mesh generation for high-order Finite-Element analysis at the chair for Computation in Engineering at the TU München he has elaborated several meshing algorithms to create curved high-order tri-, quad-, tet- and hex-elements on arbitrary CAD models. The surface meshing algorithm DoMesh 2008 developed in that period became the foundation of the meshing software SofiMshC of the SOFiSTiK AG and is up till now a central part of the SOFiSTiK software package.

After his doctoral graduation 2012 Christian was working for four yours in the meshing team of Ansys Inc. and was thereby transferred for two years into the headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. There he developer meshing stategies for the software products Ansys Workbench, Ansys AIM and Ansys SpaceClaim and helped to significantly improve the performance and robustness of the meshing algorithms for tri-, quad-, tet- and hex-meshing.

Since 2016 Christian was freelancing on several software projects in a developer and manager role. In one of his prejects he supervised the developement process of the software product Artist Studio for the startup-company Cevotec GmbH from scratch till market, a software to calculate the layup of carbon fiber layers on arbitrary CAD-models and to subsequently control the movement of two 6-axe and 4-axe robots to build the self designed parts. In another project for the company Heidolph GmbH he supervised and managed the developmenent of the embedded software for the rotating evaporator Heidolph Benchtop until market rollout.

In his latest period Christian was actively involved in automatic image and pattern recognition as well as the developement of a Virtual reality software system for a funded research- and industry collaboration project on an automatic ball machine.